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"Thomas is an experienced and generous teacher. At our first lesson, he not only taught us new ways to think about how to sing but also exercises that we could practice at home to build our vocal abilities. He is patient and a great listener which was immensely helpful for beginner singers like us. We would recommend him for any students who have a background in musical instruments and are looking to find and develop their voices."

-Tracy C.

"Very supportive, inspiring, informative, kind, generous."

-Jean N.

"I am a semi-professional vocalist with many years of experience. I sing Blues and Jazz. Tom is a wonderful teacher who is taking my vocal ability to a new level. I am learning things about my own voice that I did not know before while having loads of fun at the same time. I had not had any experience with the Estill method before but it is exactly what I need to get to that next level with my voice and range. I am hitting notes I could not hit two months ago. Tom is a vocal scientist who is well versed in all genres of music including jazz, pop and musical theater. I am very impressed with his teaching and plan to continue studying with him indefinitely."

-Danielle S.

"I have studied with Tom for the past 2 years, and he has not only given me back my voice that I feared I'd lost; he has led me to use my voice in ways I never thought possible. He is an amazing teacher, and I recommend him highly."

-Ann H.

"I highly recommend Tom Clark as a voice instructor. His intense experience and knowledge of all things vocal make him a superbly sensitive teacher. I first heard Tom sing over 35 years ago, and I was amazed at his voice, piano playing, and overall musicality. I recently heard him perform the Wagnerian role of Loge in the Verismo Opera's production of Das Rheingold--he was a wonderful singing actor in a very difficult role. He is a certified teacher of the Jo Estill singing method--a very rigorous pedagogy that delves deeply into the physical apparatus of the vocal tract. I have been taking lessons from Tom for nearly a year, and I can attest to his professionalism, intensity, and commitment to vocal excellence. I feel that a serious student will be richly rewarded by signing up and singing with Tom. Bravissimo."

-Peter M.

"Finding the right voice teacher is like finding the right shrink--you're putting your vulnerable self in this person's hands and the dynamic has to be just right for change to happen. With Tom Clark, amazing change happens from the start and during every following session. Bubbling over with enthusiasm and insight, he shows you what you can do to break habits that limit the range, volume and variety that your voice has 'in real life' like when you laugh, sigh, sob, yell across the street, etc. I'm finding that Tom's lessons in how to use twangy 'down home' sounds are helping my voice stay strong as I'm dealing with young students all day, as well as when I'm singing pop songs or opera arias! It's amazingly hi-tech to see on the computer the voiceprints of my efforts to match short recordings of Estill teachers as they produce pure (some are positively weird!) sounds that are the building blocks of vocal variety and control. After years spent of going from teacher to teacher hoping to find a scientific, rather than a suggestive/imitative way of teaching voice control, my wildest dreams have been answered by Tom's clear and illuminating use of the Estill method. I feel so lucky that I live near one of the few U.S. certified master teachers of this state-of-the-art method of teaching. And WHAT a teacher Tom is! He absolutely loves helping people learn how to produce powerful and infinitely varied sounds. I love my lessons with him and I love listening to them again during the week on the CDs he makes of each session. If you'd like some clear, explicit instruction in how to add control, variety and power to your voice (speaking as well as singing), I recommend you arrange a session with Tom Clark ASAP!"

-Elsa T.

"In my 27 years with the San Francisco Symphony Chorus I've had many different teachers. I've been taking lessons from Tom for only one year and I've learned more about my voice with the Estill technique and feel more confident about my singing than I ever have before. The lessons are also fun. Tom is a great teacher!"

-Jeanne S.

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